What Causes Acne in Adults?

You might feel relieved because of getting rid of untimely pimple breakout that caused fear and depression during your teenage years. But you might still have to deal with those unsightly zits no matter how old you currently are. Fluctuations in the hormones are not the only causes of this skin condition as there are various other factors that contribute to this issue. From using substandard hair-styling products to using tap water during your foreign trips, various habits in your life can lead to acne on your body. Before celebrating that you are long past the disappointments you experienced during your 20s, you might still be prepared for the worst as this skin condition can arise later on in life.

The rise and fall of androgens such as testosterone in the body can cause the skin to be filled with acne and pimples. Dead skin cells and oil can also cover your pores need some level of ventilation to maintain their texture. The production of skin lubrication substance can also rise above the normal standard sometimes that can leave the pores fully clogged for a certain period of time. The health of sebaceous glands can be really crucial, as their excess release can affect the attractiveness of your face. If you want to clear your complexion by getting rid of all the acne on your face, then make sure to check out the website of Houston Acne Specialists now.

No matter what is your preferred method for the removal of facial hair lack of proper care can promote acne on your face. The swelling of the skin tissues around your face can absorb bacteria present outside and damage your pores. Using high-quality cosmetic products can trigger skin irritation that would later on leave blemishes and marks on your face.