A Spooky Factory You Have to See

While some of us like going to all the new and cool places that are bustling with people and activity, some of us like seeing places where most people wouldn’t dare to go. We’re not talking about extreme outdoor activities that everyone has on their bucket lists, we’re here to talk about spooky old abandoned buildings. If you consider yourself an urban explorer, then you want to see as many old abandoned buildings as you can and learn about the history trapped within their walls.

Most of these buildings have become hide outs for teenagers who want a fun place to hide and feel like they’re on an adventure. All most all of these buildings have become canvases for graffiti artists looking to express themselves somewhere they know no one will ruin their work. Quite often, you’ll hear all manner of spook tales about these buildings from locals – who doesn’t love a good scary story, right?

Most of these stories are made up to keep kids from entering these places but you know that, it’s still interesting to learn about them. If you’re on the prowl for abandoned building, then you need to check out this abandoned Poland factory called Wistom. Wistom was once a large fibre factory during the communist era, where insulation material for Soviet submarines was manufactured. Now this factory is in ruins.

The building is dilapidated and vacant but it’s still standing tall and is ready for you to explore it. It’s one of those places that you just have to go see is you’re in Poland, especially if you’re an urban explorer. If you’re looking to get a few nice clicks as well, this place is a great backdrop.

Why is Summer The Best Time to Visit Winnipeg?

If you have heard about Winnipeg then it is possible that you did not hear about it in a positive light but we want to show you a different side of the city which will make you want to make the city your vacation spot every single summer. Winnipeg is a metropolitan city in Canada and if you have heard about it then you must have heard about it in relation to hockey because the people over there are crazy fans of it.

If you are wondering why Winnipeg is awesome and why we are recommending it as a vacation spot then continue reading on and we will tell you how can have the time of your life if you visit Winnipeg. One tip that we would like to give you here is that do not visit in winters because the temperature drops down to minus forty.

Warm People

Even though the climate of the city might be freezing cold most of the time, the people there are the warmest. When you visit, you will observe that everyone seems to be in a happy mood and are welcoming. The vibes are warm and you will surely feel that you can spend as much time as possible without any sort of negative vibes. Since the winters are so harsh, people are overly joyous in summers so there will be a celebratory feel when you will visit.


Again, in order to celebrate summers, the locals hold different festivals throughout the seasons which are unparalleled to any other. Once you are there, gather information about all the festivals happening and note it down in your itinerary. You would find festivals like jazz festival, folk fest, to the fringe, folklorama and many more that you would love.