Here’s What Happens If You Don’t Call Your Lawyer

Have you been involved in an accident that’s left you injured while the perpetrator of said accident walks away from the damage they’ve done to you? No matter how you choose to look at it, this is an unfair situation for you and you wouldn’t be in it if the other person had just been more careful. Now you’re stuck in a hospital and will probably miss out on a couple of weeks from work as well.

When you’re in such a situation, you need to remember that you have certain rights that you can exercise to get the perpetrator to compensate you for the damages they have caused you. Whether it’s the medical bills that you’ll now have to pay or the days you miss out from work, you can build a personal injury case with lawyers from Costa Ivone, LLC to get you what is rightfully yours. Here’s what happens if you don’t get in touch with your lawyer immediately.

They Might Lawyer Up Instead

The situation can be very confusing for the perpetrator as well. It’s not uncommon for the perpetrator to panic and get in touch with their lawyer. They might start building a case against you if you don’t step up for your rights.

You’ll Have to Pay Medical Bills

Now why should you have to pay bills when you got hurt because of someone else’s stupidity? You have every right to demand that the perpetrator compensates you by agreeing to pay your medical bills for your injuries.

You’ll Be Setting a Bad Example

There are so many cases of hit and runs and similar cases around the world where perpetrators get away with hurting someone. If the wrongfully hurt exercise their legal rights more often, people would be more careful as they go about their day.